Your Hosts
  • General Manager:   Eli Brennan

  • Manager:   Sandy Grant
  • Manager:   Craig Pingle

  • Event Coordinator:   Gabrielle Lee & Lisa Rodriguez

  • Executive Chef:   Alan Tse

  • Sous Chef:   Aaron Simpson
  • Sous Chef:   Neeraj Kapoor
  • Sous Chef:   Erick Munoz

Executive Chef Alan Tse

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef Alan Tse has been surrounded by fresh ingredients his whole life. Throughout his childhood Alan had many family gatherings where cooking was a shared value, so he learned at a young age that good food means classic cooking and fresh ingredients.

Although he had been around good food forever, Alan found his passion for cooking on a trip to Hawaii in 2003. There he tasted the freshest shrimp dish and began to focus on cooking as a career. He went on to graduate from the VCC Culinary Arts Program in 2005, and not long after joined Cardero’s Restaurant where he learned to fine tune his skills. In 2011, Alan started at the Teahouse as Sous Chef to Chef AnnabelleLeslie.

Chef Alan believes that simple and fresh ingredients are the most important part of cooking, and that the technique and food should do the talking. He’d love for you to join us at The Teahouse to celebrate any special occasion and create beautiful memories.