Your Hosts

General Manager: Richard Baker
Manager: Larry Walker
Manager: Andy Crimp
Event Coordinator: Shannon O'Flanagan
Executive Chef: Peter Isacu
Sous Chef: Christopher Tse
Sous Chef:  Skyler Twyman 

Executive Chef Peter Isacu

“The style of food is not important to me. What is important is serving good food” 

Inspired by the luxurious waterfront restaurants and hotels by Black Sea, Peter knew at a young age that he wanted to be a chef. After completing his apprenticeship in his hometown of Timișoara, Romania, Peter sought to further his culinary knowledge by moving to Italy. For the next 3 years, he cooked his way through the picturesque Italian regions of Trieste, Rome and Napoli. 

After establishing himself as a talented chef, Peter moved his family to Canada to embark on a new adventure. He took on many culinary opportunities in well-known establishments such as: Umberto Al Porto, The Bedford House Restaurant and Settebello Restaurant. As a natural leader, Peter has taken on the Executive Chef role at The Wedgewood Hotel, Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant and the Granville Island Hotel. 

In May of 2000, Peter accepted the offer to become the Executive Chef at the famous Il Giardino, one of Vancouver’s longest running, Tuscan-inspired restaurants. There, he helped run the first class Italian restaurant until its closure in Spring of 2013. 

Peter joins the team at Seasons in the Park, bringing with him all of the knowledge and culinary skills that he has collected through his many years of culinary work and life experience.


Executive Chef Peter Isacu