Gift Card

What is a Sequoia Card?
The Sequoia Card is a prepaid, stored value card that guests can use at any participating Sequoia Company of Restaurants location for purchases up to the amount available on the card. The card can be purchased for a minimum of $25 and up to a maximum amount of $1,000. The card can also be purchased and given as a gift card, which comes in an attractive gift card sleeve.

Why would I buy a Sequoia Card?
It's convenient and easy to use for purchases at participating restaurants. It can be purchased as a thank you gift, holiday gift, or employee incentive. It can be reloaded.

How can I find out what's left on my card?
By visiting any one of our participating restaurants and presenting your card to one of our employees or... Visit our website at

What should I do if I don't have enough stored value to pay for my bill?
You can pay the balance with another form of legal tender - cash, credit or debit card or another Sequoia card.

What is Loss Protection?
Once a Sequoia Card is registered online, the card's balance is protected if lost or stolen.

How do I protect my Sequoia Card balance?
Simply log onto and Register Your Card following a few simple steps. You will need your Sequoia Card number (located on the back of your Sequoia Card), an e-mail address and a password that you create during the registration process.

What do I do if my Sequoia Card is lost or stolen?
Immediately log back onto and access Manage Your Account, using your e-mail address and password then follow a few easy steps.

Once I report my card lost or stolen, what happens to the balance on my card?
The remaining balance on that Sequoia Card will be transferred to a replacement card, which will be mailed to you via regular mail.

What happens if I find a Sequoia Card that I reported lost or stolen?
Discard it! Once a card is reported lost or stolen, it is no longer valid.

Can you replace my Sequoia Gift Card if it is not registered?
No, you must register a Sequoia Card to protect its balance.